Louise Harnby, Fiction Editor, The Editing Blog

“Do you use PerfectIt to find inconsistencies in a novel? Do you follow The Chicago Manual of Style? Now you can use both from a single platform! I might be in love.”

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Szymon Brużewicz, American Medical Writers Association

“The proofreading solution for perfectionists.”

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Robert Ambrogi, LawSites

“I may never again send out a document without first running PerfectIt.”

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“Terrific product that helps my writing look even better when it goes to clients.”

Joseph Alper, LSN Consulting

Hilary Cadman, CIEP Blog

“PerfectIt is a fabulous tool for editors, and the addition of the CMOS has taken it to a whole new level.”

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Michael La Ronn, Author and Professional Speaker

“It saves you time, teaches you how to be a better writer, and improves the quality of your manuscript, and to me, that’s a perfect trifecta.”

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Erin Brenner, Copyediting

“It's as easy as running a spell checker, and I'm delivering cleaner copy by using it.”

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“Great add-on that catches the little inconsistencies that even the most diligent of editors can miss.”

Samantha Rawson, Proofreading Works

Aaron Dalton, Editors Canada blog

“I think it’s an invaluable tool. Its design makes it easy to not only find these mechanical issues but also quickly and painlessly fix them, allowing you to make much more effective use of your billable hours.”

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Joely Taylor, Well Writ

“This makes my time better value for money for my clients.”

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Anna Williams, Editors' Weekly: The Editors Canada Blog

“As someone whose pet peeve is inconsistency, I’m thrilled to now have a tool that can spot it for me.”

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“PerfectIt saves me time and saves my clients money.”

DC Hawkins, Hawkins Editing

Alison Gibbs, The SENSE Blog

“Having a style manual incorporated into PerfectIt means I can enjoy easier decision-making.”

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John Espirian, Technical copywriter

“PerfectIt 4 leaves your mind free to focus on the meaning of the text... it's a real time saver that makes you look good.”

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Jenne Acevedo, Christian PEN

“Editors across the country rejoice... I am thrilled to finally see technology coupled with the industry standard in book publishing.”

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“One of the best quality assurance tools for writers, editors and translators.”

Helene Walters-Steinberg, Authentic Translations Ltd

Maartje Gorte, Play Your Words Right

“Increase the consistency of your documents in a way that feels effortless, intuitive and elegant.”

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Amy Haagsma, West Coast Editorial Associates

“Having CMOS Online right within PerfectIt is a huge time saver! (Or should that be ‘time-saver’?)”

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Warren Singer, ISTC Communicator

“The results were both useful and informative.”

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“Why do all the consistency checks that PerfectIt takes care of manually? PerfectIt is essential in every professional editor's toolkit.”

Margaret Hunter, Daisy Editorial

Tara Alemany, Emerald Lake Books YouTube Review

“An incredible advancement... with this new connection to CMOS, it takes out a lot of the guesswork and gives us a clean manuscript quickly.”

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Latoya Johnson, NAIWE Blog

“Manually thumbing through CMOS can be daunting when one needs to retrieve a style rule in a jiffy. PerfectIt provides direct access to CMOS guidelines and modifications with a click of the PerfectIt button in Word’s title bar.”

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Rebecca Phalen, Legal researcher. Legal writer. Attorney-at-law.

“It’s a quick and easy tool to use. PerfectIt saves me time, saves my clients money, and results in a better brief.”

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“PerfectIt is an essential tool for editors. I use it on almost every project.”

Harriet Stewart-Jones, Copy-editor and proofreader

Richard Adin, An American Editor Blog

“A valuable program and well worth its price.”

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Corinne McKay, Thoughts on Translation

“A good addition to your editing arsenal.”

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MK McClintock, Potterton House Author Services

“Will it replace an editor? No. Is it an extremely handy tool? Yes. Would I recommend it to authors? Yes.”

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“PerfectIt helps me achieve that extra level of consistency in my work.”

Daniel Sentence, Penguinalia Editorial Services

Sandra Wendel, The NAIWE Blog

“This marriage with our venerable Chicago Manual of Style is one step closer to making editors appear to be superhuman (and yes CMOS via PerfectIt says superhuman is one word).”

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Tony Noland, Landless

“PerfectIt did a great job at spotting many things in what I'd thought was a fully polished manuscript.”

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Cathryn Jones, IPEd Blog

“PerfectIt doesn’t replace the human editor. What it does do is free up precious time to allow the editor to add value in other areas.”

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“PerfectIt is an indispensable tool for editors who strive for excellence in their work.”

Claudia Forgas Editorial Services

James Campbell-Macdonald, Scribbroo

“Highly-recommended tool for editors and writers of all levels.”

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Lauren Holder Raab, Blue Pencil Editing

“The software is easy to use, and I appreciate the focus on consistency, which is my primary concern when editing.”

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Margie Beilharz, IPEd Newsletter, Gatherings

“I’m wondering about using it myself even for non-CMOS projects, just to benefit from some of its new features.”

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“Think you've made a long work consistent throughout? Reach for PerfectIt and find out what's been left... It's a great product.”

Alison Williamson, Burgess Pre-Publishing

Karen Conlin, Grammargeddon.com

“I love, love, love this program… No more wondering whether you've gotten it right. No more second-guessing yourself.”

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Michelle Luijben, SENSE Blog

“I was impressed with PerfectIt’s many useful functions… The interface is slick and simple. Once you get familiar with it, navigating changes becomes a cinch.”

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Joseph Wildey, The Startup

“A robust piece of software right out of the box.”

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“Great proofreading tool for translators and lawyers!”

Simon M. Jackson, Advocate & Notary

Lori Gonzalez, The RayNa Corporation

“I am a huge fan of what PerfectIt does. It fixes small errors that are easy to make and much harder to catch.”

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Philip Thomas, Mississippi Litigation Review and Commentary

“PerfectIt is great for identifying inconsistencies that jump off the page at some readers.”

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Wendy Barron, Legal Aid BC

“PerfectIt 4 is blazingly fast, and the longer and more complex your documents are, the more you'll appreciate the new speed.”

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“PerfectIt has saved me countless hours of tedious work.”

Ruth Strother, Get It Write Editorial Services

Alison Reeves, Communicator

“Having this add-in really has made a difference and improved my accuracy when delivering documents to clients.”

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Simone Hutchinson, Editing Matters: The SfEP Magazine

“It does the menial work for you… PerfectIt is your editorial assistant and even a bit of a copy-editor.”

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Nick Daws, Nick Daws' Writing Blog

“Easy and intuitive to use, and very fast.”

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“I've been using PerfectIt for a year and find it invaluable and time-saving. It spots things I might have missed, and it's a very useful aid.”

Sara Bryant, Editor

Megan E. Boyd, Lady (Legal) Writer

“PerfectIt’s functions far exceed those available through Word's generic spelling and grammar checker.”

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Adrienne Montgomerie, Editors' Weekly

“The customization options in PerfectIt 3 make it vastly superior to earlier versions... and PerfectIt will still save your bacon, save you time and make you look eagle-eyed.”

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Kerri Miller, Utopian Editing

“An automated way to catch the non-controversial, objective errors so I could focus more attention on style, flow, and tone.”

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“I cannot recommend PerfectIt too highly. It throws light on all the blind spots when reading.”

Isabel Storey, Izabellaz Books

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, Syntax Training

“I was pleased that PerfectIt found many inconsistencies—things it would be hard for me to identify over so many pages, and virtually impossible for Microsoft to find and flag.”

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Ivan Walsh, Tips, Tools and Templates

“Designed by people who read and write for a living and know what professional writers want when testing their documents.”

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Elizabeth Frick, The Text Doctor Blog

“The free trial convinced me that I was missing errors and inconsistencies.”

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“I regard PerfectIt as the most essential tool for all my editing work. It helps me make my work so much more accurate and consistent, and it's worth every cent.”

Liz Stone, Shepston Editing Services

Hilary Powers, The Freelancer

“PerfectIt offers a huge menu of tests and catches precisely the sorts of things that editors under pressure tend to miss.”

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Wendy Toole, Editing Matters

“Version 3 is a clear and substantial improvement... I think you will like it. I certainly do.”

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