“PerfectIt is better for us and better for our clients. With PerfectIt, we spend less time proofreading and have more time to work on key deliverables.”

Colin Buchanan, London


Impress clients and improve project win rates with higher-quality reports and proposals.


Deploy PerfectIt across all professional staff to ensure that outgoing documents meet the highest standards.

Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm that specializes in transport planning, economics, regeneration and urban design. It employs around 300 staff and its worldwide locations include London, Dublin, Shanghai and Madrid.

Reports at Colin Buchanan are often written, and contributed to, by many different people. As the company grew over time, ensuring consistency and maintaining high-quality presentation of documents became harder. Directors at Colin Buchanan recognized the need to improve the presentation of reports and proposals to increase client satisfaction and win rates. The company started using PerfectIt on a trial basis and, based on positive feedback from consultants, it quickly rolled out the solution to its entire staff.

“PerfectIt made it much easier to find inconsistencies, like capital letters in headings or the use of hyphens. Those things are easy to miss when proofreading manually and make a big difference to the professional appearance of the document.”
Consultant, Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan is ISO 9000 certified and it has rigorous quality control procedures. PerfectIt helps the company assure quality on outgoing documents by working at three levels:

  • PerfectIt cuts out careless errors by identifying comments such as 'Insert table here' or 'Figure XX below'.
  • PerfectIt helps Colin Buchanan to prepare documents that are in line with the company's style guide.
  • PerfectIt improves reports by ensuring, in minutes, that writing is consistent. The same results would take consultants hours to achieve.

By helping staff to check quality, PerfectIt ensures that they spend less billable time on checking and have more time to focus on meeting their clients' needs.

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