“PerfectIt is blazingly fast. Without it, we would have had to continue as before, attempting to correct and proofread all documents and incurring the time and money costs involved in correcting errors”

AuerbachSchrot, Washington DC


Eliminate inconsistencies in legal documents and prevent costly proofreading errors while working under strict time constraints.


Use PerfectIt to check patent applications, contracts and other legal documents in order to locate mistakes that regular spelling and grammar checkers will not find.


AuerbachSchrot is a leading intellectual property and technology law firm that provides counsel and services in patent rights, technology licensing, and trademark protection. The firm is located near Washington DC and prepares and prosecutes patent applications in the US and throughout the world.

Patent applications are highly technical legal documents that are commonly 100 or more pages in length. They are almost always prepared in light of strict time constraints, so both the document length and the time available present a challenge for proofreading. Despite those challenges, AuerbachSchrot insists on the highest level of quality in all documents because if the patent application is granted and then challenged in court, seemingly minor inconsistencies can have significant consequences.

To ensure the highest quality applications, AuerbachSchrot uses PerfectIt to:

  • Identify inconsistencies that are not detected using spellcheck or document comparison functions (e.g. “antigen binding site” vs. “Antigen-Binding Site” or “party” and “Party.”)
  • Check table numbers so that errors in numbering inconsistencies can be identified and remedied.
  • Make sure any non-deleted notes and comments that may have been added to the text during the review process are removed.

PerfectIt assists in proofreading documents, and it saves time by not having to request the correction of errors discovered by patent examiners during the prosecution of the patent applications.

After a patent application has been filed, any changes to its text (even minor changes such as the insertion of punctuation or the correction of a misspelling) requires the filing of a formal request to make such changes with patent offices throughout the world, and requires a character-by-character identification of the requested changes. Preventing that means that PerfectIt saves money for AuerbachSchrot and keeps costs for clients down.

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