“For proposal work, PerfectIt is the best in its class. It saves us time and helps us produce high-quality deliverables. That’s why it will be an essential part of our process for all franchisees.”

ProposalHelper and BidExecs, Washington DC


Turn a thriving proposal consulting company into a nationwide franchise.


Use best practices, such as checking text with PerfectIt, to create a repeatable formula for proposal management success.

ProposalHelper and BidExecs

ProposalHelper offers full-service business intelligence, proposal writing, and proposal management solutions. Founded by ProposalHelper’s leadership, BidExecs is headquartered in the Washington DC metro area. BidExecs has quickly established itself as a global business development and proposal management company with a local branch in your neighborhood.

BidExecs supports clients across the public and commercial sectors. As the first of its kind franchise program, it has allowed the company to quickly scale and take full advantage of the difference that local presence and local understanding can make to a winning bid.

Best Practice Everywhere

The key to expansion at BidExecs is local expertise backed up by a combination of industry experience, proven methods, and the absolute right tools and technology. This includes proprietary software built specifically for BidExecs to systematically manage workload, as well as commercial tools such as Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft SharePoint for proposal management, Smartsheet for scheduling, and PerfectIt for proofreading. Every franchisee gets the benefit of a complete system that works perfectly in delivering value and success to the industry.

Quality Assurance and Acronym Checking with PerfectIt

Winning proposals must be easy for decision makers to understand, so ProposalHelper uses PerfectIt to make sure that every acronym is defined on first use, and capitalization and hyphenation are consistent. In addition, PerfectIt helps to ensure that every proposal feels as if it is written with one voice by helping to ensure that small details are correct. PerfectIt also generates a table of acronyms (ideal for government proposals) and its checking is customizable, so proposal teams benefit from a tool that is constantly improving. Ultimately, in an environment with very tight deadlines, PerfectIt has helped ProposalHelper reduce time spent proofreading by 30%. That gives the team more time to focus on content; and improve quality on every proposal.

“Our proposal teams rely on PerfectIt to clean up undefined abbreviations and assist with recommendations on improving the consistency in documentsit’s a huge time saver.”
Publishing Team Lead, Manisha Kaneri

Nationwide Rollout (and Beyond)

Combining human solutions, proven processes, and the latest technology is the key to how ProposalHelper has brought efficiency to the process of proposal creation. As BidExecs uses that expertise to expand across 50 states (and potentially further), PerfectIt will be a critical part of the process to help a team of franchisees deliver winning proposals.

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