“We work for multiple clients, in multiple industries. Creating custom styles in PerfectIt has been a lifesaver. We don’t have to stress about remembering so many details. PerfectIt does it for us.”

Dragonfly Editorial


Make sure large documents checked by multiple editors are accurate, consistent, and reflect the client’s house style.


Create styles in PerfectIt for each client to ensure internal consistency and adherence to the client’s style preferences.

Dragonfly Editorial

Dragonfly Editorial is an editorial agency based in Ohio, with clients worldwide. The firm specializes in writing, editing, and designing complex content in fields such as IT, healthcare, strategic consulting, and finance. Customers choose Dragonfly not just to get the commas and hyphens right, but to create clear copy that communicates highly technical content in a way that’s easy to understand.

Delivering What Clients Want

Dragonfly’s editors initially used PerfectIt to check consistency. However, they quickly expanded its functionality by creating custom style sheets for each of its larger clients. This allowed editors to tailor a style sheet to include all the cornerstones and quirks of a client’s style—for example, whether to use “Delhi” or “New Delhi,” or in what circumstances you’d choose “adviser” versus “advisor.” 

“Our customers think that this is Dragonfly magic. But we know that PerfectIt is part of the secret.” – Samantha Enslen, President, Dragonfly Editorial

At Dragonfly, the time it takes to build style sheets for clients is an investment that has paid off. Once the style sheet is done, the editor adds it to Dragonfly’s shared drive. One team member sets it up. But the entire team can use it. Automating the checks for these routine points of style also allows Dragonfly’s editors to focus on higher value editorial tasks, such as enhancing readability, clarity, and flow.

Managing Complexity

Often, Dragonfly editors work as a team on large technical documents such as proposals and reports. Multiple editors tackle multiple files, or different sections of the same file, and one lead editor reviews all of the work for consistency.

PerfectIt helps the lead editor by automating much of the consistency checking. It also helps to reconcile acronyms. For example, PerfectIt points out where acronyms are no longer spelled out on first instance, where they are spelled out more than once, or where acronyms are missing altogether in compiled text. On large documents, this would be a Herculean task without PerfectIt.

Achieve Consistency and Accuracy for Every Project

Whether they’re working on a solo project or as part of a team of four or five (or more!) editors, Dragonfly’s editors use PerfectIt to deliver an exceptionally consistent document to their clients. PerfectIt helps the Dragonfly team enhance cohesion and accuracy—so even material created by multiple writers, and revised by numerous editors, still feels like it has one voice that’s on-brand for the client.

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