“If publications are important to our clients, then they are very important to us. PerfectIt helps us make sure that all our publications are the best they can be.”

Biotext, Australia


Make sure large, complex scientific documents are consistent in style and terminology to improve clarity for readers and maintain an excellent reputation with clients.


Use PerfectIt to spot inconsistencies, save time and ensure quality control in all projects.


Biotext is a writing, editing, design and publishing company that specializes in scientific and complex subjects. For more than 15 years, Biotext has worked on many reports and guidelines of national and international significance, working with clients in health, agriculture, environment and government.

Biotext works with challenging documents containing scientific language and technical terminology. The documents have often been prepared by multiple authors using multiple styles; and the documents require several rounds of editing.

PerfectIt is an essential part of Biotext’s processes at all levels of editing. One of the most important strengths of PerfectIt is its ability to pick up inconsistencies in style and spelling, which so often creep into large and complex documents. Before using PerfectIt, the only way to ensure consistency in terminology across documents was through time-consuming, manual tracking of each term. By automatically checking for consistency in spelling and style, PerfectIt changed that. All Biotext staff now use PerfectIt to ensure quality. PerfectIt makes the time-consuming task of correcting inconsistencies quick and easy, which means editors can spend more time improving the clarity and expression of the document.

Biotext uses PerfectIt in two key ways:

  • To check consistency of spelling, hyphenation and capitalization within documents, Biotext uses PerfectIt in its default mode.
  • To check consistency across all documents for the same client, Biotext uses PerfectIt’s style sheets (setting up one for each client).

Biotext has gone on to co-develop the Australian Government style for PerfectIt. Biotext uses the style to ensure consistency for government clients, and it helps them ensure clarity, accuracy and consistency throughout government publications.

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