Abbreviations in Two Forms


PerfectIt checks if an abbreviation is written in two (or more) different ways. This avoids confusion and ensures that house styles are adhered to.


If the abbreviations ‘TFL’ and ‘T.F.L’ are used in the same document, PerfectIt will suggest that there may be a possible issue.


PerfectIt will flag an issue if ‘NASA’ is used in the same document as ‘Nasa’. It will not flag an issue if ‘N.A.S.A’ is used in the same document as ‘TFL’.


If an abbreviation appears in more than two forms, PerfectIt will display only the two that appear most frequently in the document. To ensure that all variations have been found, correct the locations that PerfectIt displays and then repeat Abbreviations in Two Forms to check for other variations.

Customizing the Check image0

You can set preferences for abbreviations in the Always Find and Never Find tabs of the style sheet editor or you can customize the check as you work. You can tell PerfectIt to ignore abbreviations in tables, and in table, box and figure titles in the Settings tab of the style sheet editor.