Intelligent Editing Launches PerfectIt 3

Checks documents for European Union, United Nations and Australian Government styles, and finds difficult-to-locate errors in books, proposals, contracts and other text

LONDON – 5-May-2015. Today Intelligent Editing, a leading provider of software for proofreading, announced the launch of PerfectIt 3. PerfectIt is an add-in for PCs with MS Word that is used by freelancers, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world.

PerfectIt users are editors, authors, technical writers, consultants, lawyers and other professionals who work with documents. PerfectIt helps give users assurance that their documents are the best they can be. Even the best professional editors make use of PerfectIt, with more than 400 members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders in the UK having purchased the software to date.

PerfectIt runs within MS Word to enforce style manuals and find other errors like consistency mistakes. Its functionality is simple for anyone who has used a spelling or grammar checker, but it finds completely different mistakes.

The new version adds built-in checking for style manuals, international preferences and new tests. The style manuals that PerfectIt 3 can help to check are European Union Style, United Nations Editorial Style, World Health Organization Style and Australian Government Style. Built-in spelling preferences include checks for UK, US, Canadian and Australian spellings. New tests include checking for Oxford (serial) commas, superscripts/subscripts, heading case, and brackets and quotes left open.

'PerfectIt 3 means that as well as consistency mistakes, users can easily check for major international styles. Even better, they can adapt the built-in styles to suit their needs. It’s a big boost for all companies that have to enforce a style manual.' said Daniel Heuman, Managing Director of Intelligent Editing.

Other mistakes that PerfectIt can find include hyphenation inconsistencies (e.g. 'copy-edit' and 'copyedit'), capitalization inconsistencies (e.g. 'Internet' and 'internet'); spelling inconsistencies (e.g. 'adviser' and 'advisor'); and abbreviations that have not been defined anywhere in the text.

PerfectIt 3 is available for a free trial at:

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