We’re not going to be the next Uber, and we don’t want to be.

We're a small company. We're a high-performing team. We work 100% remote. We're dedicated to producing an excellent product. And we believe in work-life balance. Those beliefs are not a contradiction.

We don't recruit often. When we do, it's usually in the United Kingdom.

What We Do

Our development team enjoys complex problems. Most of us have our own projects outside of work, and we bring that energy to the (virtual) office. Books that get passed around the team include Clean Code (Uncle Bob), Functional Programming in C# (Enrico Buonanno) and Domain Modeling Made Functional (Scott Wlaschin). We’re obsessed with unit testing.

Our customer service and marketing teams are passionate about the English language. Most of us write in our spare time; and all of us have an opinion on the Oxford Comma! However, we're not prescriptivists. We believe that the more you learn about language, the less pedantic you become. We're delighted to spend our days serving language professionals.

What makes us unique is how our teams come together. We believe that developers can contribute more to the business when they get to interact with end users. Some of our best business ideas have come from giving our engineering team exposure to customers and the problems that they face. We’re always open to new and innovative suggestions from the entire team.


Work That Makes a Difference

We help users focus on the parts of their job that matter. From medical writers working on the COVID-19 vaccine (yup) to editors helping novelists tell their stories, PerfectIt helps users to worry less about typos and spend more time on the meaningful part of their work.

Flexible and Remote Working

We were 100% remote before it was cool. We do daily check-ins at fixed times, but most positions have flexible hours.

A Life Beyond Programming

We believe in work-life balance. We believe that it’s not realistic for developers to work much more than forty hours per week and sustain quality. We’re sympathetic to the demands of parenting and welcome applications from experienced professionals from all backgrounds who need to work flexibly.

If You Love Learning...

Professional development is at the core of who we are. We only hire outstanding candidates. So you’ll be working with, and learning from, exactly the type of team leader that you’ve always wanted to. We mix genuine responsibility from your first day with a startup environment where anyone can make suggestions. It’s the perfect way to pick up and try out new skills.