Intelligent Editing Launches PerfectIt 1.3

Advanced proofreading software finds mistakes no grammar or spell checker can

LONDON – 21-Sept-2010. Today Intelligent Editing, the leading provider of software for proofreading, announced the launch of PerfectIt 1.3. PerfectIt is a powerful proofreading add-in for PCs with MS Word that helps consultants, lawyers, marketers and communications professionals check documents faster and better.

PerfectIt checks consistency of writing, and like a spelling or grammar checker, it suggests possible errors to users. The latest version makes PerfectIt compatible with MS Office 2010. For editors, the value of PerfectIt is as a final check on their work. It provides assurance and spots mistakes that even the most eagle-eyed proofreader can miss, especially when working with long documents.

'PerfectIt addresses the needs of professionals. No other product can spot inconsistencies and help companies enforce their style guide. PerfectIt cuts the amount of time that authors spend proofreading and allows them to focus on their message,' said Daniel Heuman, Managing Director of Intelligent Editing.

PerfectIt has been widely adopted among professional proofreaders, with more than 50 members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders in the UK using PerfectIt.

Richard Adin, a freelance editor and author of the popular 'An American Editor' blog, said 'PerfectIt is a perfect way to do a final check of an edited manuscript. It can save an editor from embarrassment and can reduce the number of errors that clients find. I downloaded the trial version, and within five minutes of running it on a chapter I bought it.'

PerfectIt works with US, UK, Canadian, Australian and all other international types of English. It runs a series of tests that suggest possible consistency, formatting and style errors.

PerfectIt checks the consistency of:

  • Hyphenated words, phrases and compounds (e.g. 'self interest' and 'self-interest')
  • Words and phrases in capitals (e.g. 'Government' and 'government')
  • Use of numbers in text and capitals in headers
  • International spelling variations (e.g. 'colour' and 'color')

PerfectIt checks abbreviations. It looks at:

  • Abbreviations used before their definition
  • Abbreviations defined more than once
  • Abbreviations that have not been defined

PerfectIt checks bullets, lists, figures and tables. It checks for:

  • Punctuation and capital letters in bullets, lists and tables
  • Tables and figures that have been numbered in the wrong order
  • Tables and figures with missing headers

PerfectIt also:

  • Spots typos that spelling checkers won't find (e.g. 'mange' instead of 'manage')
  • Finds phrases unintentionally left in the text (e.g. 'insert Figure XX here')
  • Automatically generates a Table of Abbreviations

PerfectIt is intuitive and easy to use. Its checking is dynamic and learns preferences as users work, improving its accuracy with every use. PerfectIt also allows users to share style sheets with colleagues as well as with other users around the world.

PerfectIt is available for a free trial at:

About Intelligent Editing

Intelligent Editing Ltd specializes in software that delivers faster, more accurate editing for professionals. Our philosophy is that good software lets you write your way. We don't use templates or input fields or anything else that restricts your writing. We design software that quickly and easily helps professionals to create the best documents.

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