Can I link PerfectIt to my CMOS Online account during the purchasing process?

As you complete your purchase of PerfectIt, you can choose to link your PerfectIt license and your CMOS Online subscription.

First purchase PerfectIt. Then to start the linking process, tick the box labelled “Link PerfectIt to your CMOS Online subscription?” in the subscription linking area shown below (this can be found at the bottom of the Choose Version page or on the Windows Download page):

Start the CMOS linking process

There will be a short delay while your subscription is validated. This message will be displayed if the process has been successful:

CMOS validation successful

Once the linking process is complete your new license key will be emailed to you. You can also access it in the Members Area of the PerfectIt website:

Linked Key

If you’re using the Mac version of PerfectIt you can use The Chicago Manual of Style in PerfectIt Cloud right away. If you’re using the Windows version you’ll need to activate The Chicago Manual of Style in PerfectIt with your new license key.

If you’re having trouble with the license validation process, please see When I try to link my PerfectIt subscription to my CMOS Online account, why does it say my email doesn’t match? or contact support.