When I try to link my PerfectIt subscription to my CMOS Online account, why does it say my email doesn’t match?

To link your PerfectIt and CMOS Online accounts, you must use exactly the same email address for both accounts. Please check to ensure that your CMOS Online account uses the same email address and then please try to link them again.

If that still doesn’t work, there are two possible reasons why:

  • If you get access to CMOS Online through Editors Canada, the nature of the collaboration between The Chicago Manual and PerfectIt means we can’t offer The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt with your Editors Canada login. As for other associations, members of Editors Canada need individual subscriptions to both products to use the style in PerfectIt. However, members do get a discount. Log in to Editors Canada to get 20% off new and renewing individual subscriptions to CMOS Online.
  • If you get access to CMOS Online through your institution, your email will sometimes not be recognized. Please write to the help desk at the Chicago Manual to request access to PerfectIt ([email protected]).