Can I increase/decrease the number of users in my subscription?

Yes, absolutely.  You can change the number of users at any time.

  • Log in to your PerfectIt account.
  • In the My Account tab, click ‘Manage Subscription’. If you do not see ‘Manage Subscription’ then please contact our support team.
    Click Manage Subscription
  • You’ll be taken to a Stripe page where you can update your subscription. Click ‘Update Plan’.
    Click Update Plan
  • The details of your subscription are show. Click ‘Update Quantity’.
    Click Update Plan
  • Set the new number of users.

If you’re decreasing the number of users, all users will remain active until your subscription renews. You’ll start paying at the reduced level when your subscription renews. Click Confirm to update your subscription. You will receive email confirmation of the change.

If you’re increasing the number of users, you will be billed pro-rata for the time remaining until renewal. Once you have confirmed the change to your subscription you can assign the additional users with these instructions.

Note: You cannot select a quantity that is above the limit for your tier – for example, if you’ve selected the Elite tier, you cannot increase the quantity to 11 as the maximum for this tier is 10. If you require more users than your current tier allows, follow these instructions to upgrade to the next tier.