Bullet/List Capitalization


The first word of each item in a bulleted or numbered list may begin with or without a capital letter. Style guides differ as to whether uppercase or lowercase is preferable for the first word of a bulleted list. In some instances, the suggestion is to use lowercase with lists consisting solely of short items (less than one sentence) and another rule for lists with long items (one sentence or more). PerfectIt suggests there may be a possible issue if, within a particular list, some of the time the first word is in lowercase and other times it is in uppercase.


PerfectIt only suggests there may be a possible issue if it appears that capitalization of the first word is inconsistent with the rest of the list. PerfectIt has been designed to recognize where words start with capitals because they are names, places or other capitalized phrases and it will not usually indicate an issue for these items. When PerfectIt finds a name or a place at the start of a bullet, that item will not appear in the list of bullets to change. However, you should check these carefully to ensure that no bullets are incorrectly adjusted.

Customizing the Check image0

You can set preferences for long (multiple sentences), short (one phrase or sentence), and very short (no more than three words) list items in the Settings tab of the style sheet editor, or you can customize the check as you work.