Understand the Marketplace, Use Cases, and Terminology for Legal Technology

Exploring technology options can quickly become complicated and overwhelming. Even when you focus on document creation workflows, it’s hard to appreciate the options and determine the right-size fit for your needs. To make the right choice, you must see the big picture.

The following guide includes options that will help you understand the context for legal technology from varying perspectives. It also includes resources to discover new tools and their use cases.

Legal Industry Collaborations Defining Standards and Workflows

  • The Effectiveness Project – A cross-functional, multi-national, industry-wide collaboration with LTC4 intended to make the document drafting process knowable and repeatable and offer a variety of free and low-cost tools to improve the process
  • Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry Alliance – A collaboration trying to create a “common language” for describing different aspects of legal matters and develop interoperability standards for technology

Discover New Technology via Marketplaces and Aggregators

  • Legaltech Hub – A free, comprehensive directory of commercial legal tech
  • Digital Toolkit by InvestCee – A consultancy-created legal tech marketplace organized by business and legal workstreams
  • Jameson Legal Tech – A UK-focused group that curates, evaluates, and promotes legal tech through a marketing consortium
  • LexFusion – A US-focused group that curates, evaluates, and promotes legal tech through a marketing consortium
  • Reynen Court – A curated online store that facilitates turn-key access to and deployment of legal tech; also operates as a marketing consortium for legal tech
  • The Observatory – A directory of about 600 legal tech products by law firm Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
  • Theorem LTS – An online store focused on and organized by workflow
  • Thomson Reuters Marketplace – An online store where users can try and buy legal tech

Search for New Technology in Databases

  • Legital Base – A searchable Airtable database of legal tech companies divided by topic
  • Stanford CodeX Techindex – searchable database of legal tech companies divided by functionality and based on proposed taxonomy of legal tech; its primary focus is legal informatics

Articles and Diagrams Explaining the Marketplace for and Connection Between Tools

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