Naming Conventions: The Fast, Free, First Step Towards a Paperless Office

Going paperless requires research, planning, equipment, education and training. Though most advice written on this topic focuses on new tech tools and spending money, this white paper focuses on the fast, simple, free, first step to going paperless: establishing naming conventions for your files. The goal of this white paper is to help you understand what goes into creating naming conventions and to guide you through developing your own customized system.

Because developing a well-considered and customized approach will better reflect your firm and its actual business practices, we believe that you will achieve better results and broader acceptance of the protocols. With consistent use of naming conventions, your firm can reap the many benefits of an effective plan, such as enhancing productivity, leveraging firm knowledge and experience, facilitating collaboration, and reducing nonbillable time wasted searching for documents.

Naming Conventions: The Fast, Free, First Step Towards a Paperless Office is a new white paper by Ivy B. Grey. It discusses how to plan and implement a paperless office protocol with a focus on establishing naming conventions as an important and impactful first step in the process of going paperless. The white paper guides you through the process of developing your own customized naming conventions and file structures. It also shows how naming conventions can improve workflow and provide a strong foundation for your next-level paperless efforts.

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