Why does PerfectIt require a subscription?

When PerfectIt launched in 2009, we sold it as a permanent license. However, we now have to constantly update PerfectIt in order to ensure it remains compatible with updates to Microsoft Office. As a result, we can't sell PerfectIt as a one-time permanent purchase.

When we switched to subscriptions, we tried to so in a sensitive way that offers significant advantages for all customers. We made sure:

  • Support as well as all updates and upgrades are included.
  • The upfront cost is lower. For people new to editing or for people who only use PerfectIt occasionally, the cost is significantly less.
  • Improvements to the software are faster and more frequent. We no longer hold back improvements for the next major upgrade but have every incentive to include new features all the time.
  • Compatibility with all future versions of Word is guaranteed.

Our hope is that we introduced subscriptions in a sensitive way that includes discounts for past customers and members of professional editing societies in order to ensure that, as far as possible, our biggest supporters are protected from the change.