What’s the difference between the license types (Professional, Elite, Team, and Enterprise)?

The exact differences can be seen on our Checkout page. Hover over the features of each package to learn what it means. Here’s a broad summary:

  • The Professional package offers everything that you need to get up and running with PerfectIt. It’s designed for small and independent businesses. All of the packages offer all of PerfectIt’s features (as well as updates and upgrades), so small businesses can choose Professional without missing anything.
  • The Elite package adds access to PerfectIt for PowerPoint (the beta version is due for release in Q3 2022). It’s designed for small businesses that also need access to PerfectIt for PowerPoint. Bigger businesses that require 10 or fewer users may also choose Elite (and for companies that purchase through resellers, Elite is the minimum package available).
  • The Team package helps groups get the most out of PerfectIt. It includes a live training session with one of our customer success experts to help you maximize adoption and ensure new users understand what PerfectIt can do for them. The Team package is designed for companies where license keys will be entered manually each year by each member of staff. The Team package allows up to 100 users, and it includes the option of purchase order billing.
  • The Enterprise tier is a comprehensive package where our team assists on training (for both adoption and advanced users) and deployment (assisting your IT team with packages for deployment). It requires a minimum of 40 users. The package recognizes the unique needs of larger firms. It includes regular check-ins with an account manager and regular reviews with our style development team to help your team build in your house style. The package saves time and money on packaging and deployment, and it maximizes the amount of staff time saved by running PerfectIt.

If you’re a Mac user who can only use PerfectIt Cloud, there is an additional option that reflects the reduced features for Cloud. You can purchase the Cloud Only package here.