In the locations box, I see the words 'Fixed', 'Changed' or 'No error found'; what do they mean?

PerfectIt presents its results in the locations box. Each line in that box represents a point in the document. Click each line, and PerfectIt will take you to that location in the text.

  • After you click 'Fix', the label in the locations box changes to 'Fixed'. If you click on 'Undo' in PerfectIt, it changes back.
  • If you decide to change the text manually in Word yourself (instead of clicking on 'Fix'), then the text will change to 'Changed'.
  • If you delete the point in the document, the label will change to 'no error found'.

If you choose to alter a location manually, the text at that location cannot be changed by PerfectIt unless you run PerfectIt's checking again. You can always make further changes by typing directly into MS Word.