If I deploy an update to our house style using the Style Manager, will it affect customized versions of the style that users may have created?

Deploying styles via the Style Manager is a great way for Enterprise customers to share a style across the entire organization. When you share a style this way, it is distributed with the next PerfectIt update, ensuring that users are running the most recent version of your style.

When a new version of your house style is installed on a user’s machine, it won’t overwrite an existing customized style with the same name. If the user has customized a previous version of the style, the existing style will have “(Old)” appended to its name and the new style will be installed as usual.

As best practice, we recommend including a date or version number in the style name so that it’s easy to tell which is the latest version. Users should keep personal customizations in a separate style, which they can then combine with the latest version of your house style each time an update is shared.