How do I take a screenshot of my CMOS Online subscription details?

  1. Log in to CMOS Online. Click Help & Tools on the CMOS Online navigation bar.
  2. Click the section describing your account details. The screenshot below shows a user with a Group Account. If you are on an individual or institutional account, the link text may differ slightly, but please click the equivalent link to see your account information.

  3. Your account details are displayed on the My Account page. If your subscription details are not shown, please click Back on your internet browser and click the link to renew your subscription. This should display your current expiry date.
  4. Take a screenshot of the My Account page. It should look like the image below. In Windows, press the “PRT SCR” / “Print Screen” key on your keyboard (typically on the right-hand side of your keyboard). This creates a full screenshot of everything showing on your screen currently and adds it to your clipboard. For Mac users, instructions are here.

  5. Please paste the image, save that and send to us.