How can I make PerfectIt checks run faster for my entire team?

If there are checks that rarely apply to your documents, turning them off will speed up PerfectIt’s checking.

In particular, many users find it beneficial to turn off checks related to tables (the following checks):

  • Punctuation in Tables
  • Capitalization of Table Headings
  • Consistency of Table/Box/Figure Titles
  • Table/Box/Figure Order
  • Missing Table/Box/Figure Titles

You can turn off checks using the Choose Checks dialog, but if you want to turn off those checks for your entire team, you can specify that within your style sheet. Here's how.

Launch PerfectIt and make sure the style you wish to edit is selected. Click 'Edit Current Style' to open the Style Sheet Editor.

Then click the Checks to Include tab.

In the Checks to Include tab, select the check you wish to turn off from the first dropdown.

In the second dropdown, choose 'Do not check'. Click 'Apply' to save those changes.

Repeat this process for each check you want to turn off. In this example we’ve turned off all checks relating to tables.

Once you’ve turned off the checks you don’t use, close the Style Sheet Editor. Now when you check a document with this style, those checks will not run. That's faster because:

  • PerfectIt will spend less time assessing your document.
  • PerfectIt won't flag potential errors for you to consider on checks that aren't relevant to your documents.

To share your style with your team, export your style. There are two ways to do that:

  • Share your exported style with colleagues who can then import it into their copy of PerfectIt.
  • If you're an enterprise user you can use Style Manager in the Members Area of the Intelligent Editing website to build the style into your next update.