How can I help make PerfectIt Cloud improvements happen faster?

We're working on adding customization options to PerfectIt Cloud. However, for other improvements we need your help. We need to draw attention to PerfectIt Cloud, raise our profile and convince Microsoft to prioritize the improvements that we need. Here's what you can do to help.

Add a Review

Positive reviews in the Office Store help us both build confidence among new users and convince Microsoft of the importance of this app to their users. Even if you've never reviewed a product before, a few words (or even just a 4/5 star rating) makes a difference. If you've been using PerfectIt Cloud then you can review PerfectIt by following these instructions.

Tell Microsoft

Microsoft uses UserVoice to collect feedback and assess demand for improvements. To use that:

  1. Click UserVoice and choose “Sign in” on the right-hand side.
  2. Enter your email and click “Sign in”.
  3. You will be given 25 votes.

Follow the instructions below to use your votes to get the improvements we need (you can give three votes to each improvement).

  • PerfectIt Cloud can be slow with longer documents with lots of errors. Help us fix that by voting here.
  • PerfecIt Cloud can't check footnotes yet. You can encourage Microsoft to improve that here.
  • Tracked changes can interfere with results. You can help us make improvements to that by voting here.

Thanks in advance for helping us with this. We're not expecting improvements overnight, but every vote helps us to make these happen sooner.