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Hilary Cadman, CIEP Blog

“PerfectIt is a fabulous tool for editors, and the addition of the CMOS has taken it to a whole new level.”

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Louise Harnby, Fiction Editor, The Editing Blog

“Do you use PerfectIt to find inconsistencies in a novel? Do you follow The Chicago Manual of Style? Now you can use both from a single platform! I might be in love.”

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Kimberli Balfour, Senior Proposal Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“The CMOS integration facilitates faster decision-making and offers immediate guidance without having to leave the tool.”

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Available for all PerfectIt users with a CMOS Online subscription

Check Your Text for Chicago Style

The Chicago Manual of Style is now in PerfectIt proofreading software. Whether the Manual is part of your work, or the basis of your organization’s house style, The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt will give you a new level of confidence in the text you deliver.

Finds Mistakes for You

The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt searches your text for errors, alerting you to issues of style that you may not have spotted. And it provides you with instant access to the advice from the Manual without ever leaving Microsoft Word.

Tara Alemany, Emerald Lake Books YouTube Review

“An incredible advancement... with this new connection to CMOS, it takes out a lot of the guesswork and gives us a clean manuscript quickly.”

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Jenne Acevedo, Christian PEN

“Editors across the country rejoice... I am thrilled to finally see technology coupled with the industry standard in book publishing.”

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Michael La Ronn, Author and Professional Speaker

“It saves you time, teaches you how to be a better writer, and improves the quality of your manuscript, and to me, that’s a perfect trifecta.”

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Get The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt

Enforce House Styles Based on Chicago

You can build your house style preferences on top of The Chicago Manual of Style. So it’s easy to combine and customize the Manual’s guidance with your organization’s rules. Now you can check your house style as truly intended.

Check Preferred Spelling, Italics, Hyphens, Capitalization and More!

For more than 115 years, The Chicago Manual of Style has provided the guidance that editors, writers, academics, and businesses use to make editorial decisions.

Find Consistency Mistakes

Adds to PerfectIt’s consistency and acronym checking so that you can find acronyms that haven’t been defined as well as inconsistencies in hyphenation, spelling, lists and tables that no spelling or grammar checker is able to find.

Sandra Wendel, The NAIWE Blog

“This marriage with our venerable Chicago Manual of Style is one step closer to making editors appear to be superhuman (and yes CMOS via PerfectIt says superhuman is one word).”

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Alison Gibbs, The SENSE Blog

“Having a style manual incorporated into PerfectIt means I can enjoy easier decision-making.”

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Margie Beilharz, IPEd Newsletter, Gatherings

“I’m wondering about using it myself even for non-CMOS projects, just to benefit from some of its new features.”

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Available for all PerfectIt users with a CMOS Online subscription

Improve Your Writing and Editing

The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt is designed for professionals. So it doesn’t over-correct. Instead, it finds examples in your text to teach the principles of the Manual and improve your writing and editing.

Free with Your Subscriptions

When you have a subscription to both CMOS Online and PerfectIt, you can add The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt for free! Simply link your account.

Latoya Johnson, NAIWE Blog

“Manually thumbing through CMOS can be daunting when one needs to retrieve a style rule in a jiffy. PerfectIt provides direct access to CMOS guidelines and modifications with a click of the PerfectIt button in Word’s title bar.”

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Aaron Dalton, Editors Canada blog

“I think it’s an invaluable tool. Its design makes it easy to not only find these mechanical issues but also quickly and painlessly fix them, allowing you to make much more effective use of your billable hours.”

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Amy Haagsma, West Coast Editorial Associates

“Having CMOS Online right within PerfectIt is a huge time saver! (Or should that be ‘time-saver’?)”

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Available for all PerfectIt users with a CMOS Online subscription