Importing, Exporting and Combining Style Sheets


Using Multiple Style Sheets in PerfectIt 4

PerfectIt style sheets can be downloaded, customized and shared. Moreover, if you work with several style guides, each with different preferences, it’s easy to set up a different PerfectIt style sheet for each guide that you work with. This tutorial explains how to:

Selecting a Built-In Style

PerfectIt 4 includes style sheets for UK, US, Canadian and Australian spelling, as well as UN, EU, WHO, GPO, Australian Government style and American Legal Style. To switch between styles, launch PerfectIt and select the style you want from the dropdown menu in the PerfectIt 4 Style Sheets ribbon group:

Selecting a built-in style sheet

You can use this method to switch between any two style sheets, whether they are built in or ones that you have added.

Creating a New Style Sheet

If you want to start your own style sheet from scratch, that’s easy to do. Click Manage Styles in the PerfectIt ribbon, then click New. Give the new style a name, and it’s ready to go. You can then add the entries that you want, and PerfectIt will check for those words or phrases whenever you use the style sheet.

Creating a new style sheet

Sharing a Style Sheet with Colleagues

If you have developed a style sheet for your organization’s house style, you probably want to share it with other colleagues and team members. To send a style sheet to a colleague, click Manage Styles in the PerfectIt ribbon. This shows the options below:

Managing style sheets

Select the style sheet that you wish to share, then click Export. This gives you the option to save the .PFT file somewhere on your computer. Once you have saved the .PFT file, you can email it to a colleague, who can then save it onto their system. The person receiving the style sheet can use the Import button (shown above) to bring that style sheet into PerfectIt. If they want to merge the new style sheet with an existing one, they can use the Combine button instead of the Import button.

Clearing the Style Cache


There is normally no need to clear the style cache. However, you may occasionally be asked to do so by the Intelligent Editing Support team.

Click the Clear Style Cache button at the bottom of the Manage Styles dialog:

The style cache is a temporary store of style data in a format that is easy and fast for PerfectIt to read. Clicking Clear Style Cache deletes this temporary store and rebuilds it. Doing this will not affect any changes you have made to styles or new styles you have imported.