Comments Left in the Text


PerfectIt examines documents to see if authors have left any notes or comments within the text that are not intended for publication. PerfectIt suggests there may be a possible issue if there is any text that might be intended as a note or comment, such as ‘Add XXXX here’, ‘NB insert more details??’ or highlighted text. You can then determine whether any modifications are necessary.


PerfectIt cannot pick up every potential comment that may exist. You should check text carefully to ensure that any such notes are picked up. One way to ensure that PerfectIt is able to pick up comments is to mark out comments with highlighted text while writing as this will always be found by PerfectIt.

Customizing the Check image0

You can specify your own text for PerfectIt to flag as a comment left in the text in the Always Find and Never Find tab of the style sheet editor.