Running Reports


PerfectIt 5 allows you to run a variety of reports. The following options are available at the end of PerfectIt’s checking:

  • Table of Abbreviations: automatically generates a table of abbreviations and acronyms with their definitions. Any acronyms that have not been defined will be listed beneath the table.

  • Summary of Changes: outputs the issues found using PerfectIt and the changes made.

  • Compile Text in Comments: copies all the text in comments into one report, making it easier to present a list of changes made to an author.

When you run a report PerfectIt generates a summary which can be copied and pasted into any document.

You can also access the reports from the Reports group in the PerfectIt 5 ribbon. From here you can run the reports described above:


The Report of Changes is only available after you have run PerfectIt on your document.

There is also one more report that you can access from the ribbon before you run PerfectIt on your document:

  • Summary of Possible Errors: outputs the potential issues that Perfect finds to a single document in order to quickly get a feel for the number of consistency issues.


These instructions are for users running PerfectIt 5 on a PC. If you’re using PerfectIt Cloud see Running Reports.