Running Reports


The Reports Menu

Once PerfectIt Cloud has completed the checks it allows you to run a variety of reports:

You can click any of the links to generate a summary document which is copied to the clipboard. This can then be pasted into any document. The options are:

  • Table of Abbreviations: automatically generates a table of abbreviations and acronyms with their definitions. Any acronyms that have not been defined will be listed beneath the table.

  • Summary of Changes: outputs the issues found using PerfectIt Cloud and the changes made.

  • Compile Text in Comments: copies all the text in comments into one report, making it easier to present a list of changes made to an author.

When you have finished checking your document, close PerfectIt by clicking the X in the top right-hand corner of PerfectIt Cloud.


These instructions are for users running PerfectIt Cloud. If you’re using PerfectIt 5 on a PC see Running Reports.