Launching PerfectIt Cloud

To start PerfectIt Cloud, open Word and open the document that you want to check. In the ribbon, click the PerfectIt tab. Then click Launch PerfectIt.

The Startup Screen

PerfectIt Cloud starts with this screen:

To begin checking with PerfectIt, click the Start button.

PerfectIt will start checking your document for potential errors. To find out how to use PerfectIt to correct your text see Correcting with PerfectIt Cloud.


Style Selector

PerfectIt can run as a consistency checker, or it can be used to check a set of preferences. Available styles include UK, US, Canadian and Australian spelling, as well as UN, EU, WHO, GPO, Australian Government and American Legal styles. This dropdown allows you to select the current style. When using PerfectIt for the first time, the default setting is ‘Check Consistency’.


You can run PerfectIt with all of its checks or you can choose specific checks. Click the Options Menu button to select specific checks to include. If you want to find out more information about each check, there is an overview in Features: The Checks, and each check is covered separately in the Understanding PerfectIt’s Checks section.


These instructions are for users running PerfectIt Cloud. If you’re using PerfectIt 4 on a PC see Quickstart