Correcting with PerfectIt Cloud


Checking for Errors

When you launch PerfectIt Cloud and press the Start button (see Quickstart for more details), PerfectIt gathers information on your document and begins the first check. If it finds an error, this will be displayed. If it does not, it will automatically start the next check.

When PerfectIt finds a possible error, you can choose to:

These are each explained below after an explanation of how PerfectIt Cloud displays errors.

Understanding How PerfectIt Cloud Displays Errors Found

PerfectIt finds locations in a document that may contain errors. The way in which these are displayed is shown below:

It’s important to remember that PerfectIt is no substitute for human judgement. When PerfectIt suggests that an error may exist, check the recommendation carefully.

Fixing an Error Automatically

With most (though not all) checks, PerfectIt can replace text automatically with the Fix button. To make the change automatically:

  • Where applicable, choose the preferred form.

  • Choose the location.

  • Click Fix.

These steps are shown below:

  1. For some checks, you can select the preferred form.

  1. Pick the location to correct (PerfectIt Cloud can display up to 50 locations) and click Fix.

  1. PerfectIt will make the change in the document and display the word ‘Fixed’ in the box representing that location, as shown below.

Fixing All Errors Automatically

If you are confident that an error should be corrected at all locations within a document, you can click Fix All to correct these.


This option should be used with caution since it does not provide the opportunity to check each location carefully.

Fixing an Error Manually

At any time, it is possible to fix an error identified by PerfectIt by clicking within the document and editing the text using Word. When you are finished, you can continue to use PerfectIt normally. Any error that has been corrected manually will display the text ‘Changed’ in the location list, as shown below:

Once an error has been altered manually, it can only be changed by editing the Word document directly. It cannot be altered using PerfectIt’s Undo or Fix buttons.

Undoing an Error Fix

If you wish to undo a change made with PerfectIt, click Undo next to the location. It is also still possible to fix changes manually in Word while PerfectIt is running.

Finding Another Error

When you have finished correcting errors, you can advance to the next error by clicking the Next button, explained in more depth in Checking for More Errors.


These instructions are for users running PerfectIt Cloud. If you’re using PerfectIt 4 on a PC see Correcting with PerfectIt 4