Introducing PerfectIt 4.1

Introducing PerfectIt 4.1 (June 2020)

The new version of PerfectIt has much more than that “.1” suggests! Here’s what’s new:

For the first time, you can control exactly what PerfectIt finds. Now you can turn PerfectIt into a custom checker designed (by you) to lift writing standards at your organization.

New features include:

  • Add logos to PerfectIt styles.
  • Control which checks are available in PerfectIt styles.
  • Configure whether PerfectIt styles include consistency checking or just style preferences.

These features make it possible to use PerfectIt in entirely new ways. Read about how this new release turns editors into educators and what you can teach with PerfectIt.

Styles in PerfectIt Cloud

We've added GPO Style, and we've updated PerfectIt Cloud's American Legal Style, WHO Style, EU Style and UN Style. Now all PerfectIt's built-in styles are equal across versions. If you use PerfectIt Cloud, there's no need to install anything (the changes will be there when you run it).

Find consistency errors automatically with PerfectIt