Consistency Checker

Produce Better Documents

To make the best impression, it's important to make sure your document is free from consistency mistakes. Consistency Checker scans your text for:

  • Hyphenation inconsistencies
  • Numbers that are both spelled out and appear in digits
  • Spelling variations
  • Compound words
  • Abbreviations in two forms

Consistency Checker produces a list of items to check that sits next to your document so you can search for, and quickly fix, any errors that it finds.

CcresultsscreenConsistency Checker produces a list of spelling inconsistencies

No Installation Files

You can get Consistency Checker from the apps for Office Store (requires Office 2013) or the Google Docs add-on store. To get Consistency Checker:

  • In Google Docs, go to the store listing. Log in and click 'Free'. Then run Google Docs and Consistency Checker will be in the 'Add-ons' menu.
  • In Office 2013, go to the store listing. Log in and click 'Add'. Then click 'Insert Apps for Office' from the Word ribbon and select Consistency Checker

There's no installation required, just press 'Scan' to begin.

Free Checking

Consistency Checker is completely free. If you're on a tight budget then it's a great way to get access to some of PerfectIt's checking.

Get It Now

Consistency Checker is available for free for Google Docs or Office 2013. Start using it now!