Abbreviation List

Clearer Documents

It's easy to forget to define an abbreviation the first time it appears. However, even one undefined abbreviation can break a reader's concentration and make a document frustrating to read. It doesn't have to be that way. With Abbreviation List, you can make sure that every abbreviation in your text is defined; and you can automatically generate a Table of Abbreviations that will make your document more accessible to everyone.

Abbreviation List checks for abbreviations that are:

  • Not Defined
  • Used before they are defined
  • Defined two ways
  • Defined the same way twice
  • Spelled out after they're defined

Abbreviation List produces a list of items to check that appears next to your document. You can use that to insert a Table of Abbreviations, as well as to search for, and quickly fix, any errors that it finds.

Save Time

Finding every abbreviation and its definition is time-consuming work. On long documents, it can take hours. However, Abbreviation List finds every abbreviation and its definition almost instantly. You can generate a Table of Abbreviations in seconds.

AlresultsscreenAbbreviation List instantly generates a Table of Abbreviations

No Installation Files

You can get Abbreviation List from the apps for Office Store (requires Office 2013) or the Google Docs add-on store. To get Abbreviation List:

  • In Google Docs, go to the store listing. Log in and click 'Free'. Then run Google Docs and Abbreviation List will be in the 'Add-ons' menu.
  • In Office 2013, go to the store listing. Log in and click 'Add'. Then click 'Insert Apps for Office' from the Word ribbon and select Abbreviation List

There's no installation required, just press 'Scan' to begin.

Free Checking

Abbreviation List is completely free. If you're on a tight budget then it's a great way to get access to some of PerfectIt's checking.

Get It Now

Abbreviation List is available for free for Google Docs or Office 2013. Start using it now!