Cloud Beta

Welcome to the New PerfectIt!

PerfectIt Cloud is the new version of PerfectIt available from the Office Store. Working over the internet, with automated updates and no installer, PerfectIt Cloud is compatible with any Mac or PC running Office 2016 (Office 365). We’re adding iPad compatibility soon.

We’re not changing our basic product. However, from launch, all new subscribers will get both PerfectIt Cloud and PerfectIt 3. You’ll be able to use whatever edition you want on any computer that suits you.

Installing the Beta Trial

We’ve started a limited and exclusive beta trial (to request access, send us an email). If we’ve given you a login and password, please follow these instructions:

To install PerfectIt from the Office Store, please:

You’ll see a new item in the Office ribbon called “PerfectIt (Beta)”. Please click that and then click “Launch PerfectIt”. You’ll be prompted for your password at login.

We Need Your Feedback

The beta trial will run all through September and October. During that time, we’ll be adding new functionality and constantly improving the program. But we need your help! If you find potential bugs or have any other comments and suggestions, we want to know. When you’ve used it, please give us your feedback:

How do I update PerfectIt Cloud to make sure I have all the latest functionality?

All updates to PerfectIt Cloud take place automatically. You will never need to download updates or take any other action to keep it up to date.

Can I use PerfectIt Cloud without Office 365/Office 2016?

If you have a PC then PerfectIt 3 does not require Office 365. However, if you are using a Mac then you will need the latest version of Office. Office 365 starts from just $7 USD per month. It’s an excellent product and we recommend you install it.

Does PerfectIt Cloud work on iPad?

PerfectIt Cloud will work on iPads very soon.