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PerfectIt Pro

PerfectIt puts the shine on my proofreading. The focus on consistency is its most attractive feature, and it helps ensure that my clients come back to me time and again.Louise Harnby, Proofreader
I work with thousands of lawyers, and I'm amazed by how many of them swear by PerfectIt. It's a great resource.Larry Port, Rocket Matter
Combining my editing skills with PerfectIt ensures that a document is absolutely error free. PerfectIt is essential for achieving 100% consistency in long documents; it's so easy to use and the results are impressive.Kate Reid, Reid: Write and Edit
Terrific product that helps my writing look even better when it goes to clients.Joseph Alper, LSN Consulting
Great add-on that catches the little inconsistencies that even the most diligent of editors can miss.Samantha Rawson, Proofreading Works
PerfectIt saves me time and saves my clients money.DC Hawkins, Hawkins Editing
PerfectIt is an invaluable tool for ensuring consistency in long documents, particularly book manuscripts. Even careful and experienced professional editors are only human, and PerfectIt helps us catch subtle errors that we and our clients would otherwise miss.Ben Hourigan, Hourigan & Co.
One of the best quality assurance tools for writers, editors and translators.Helene Walters-Steinberg, Authentic Translations Ltd
PerfectIt helps me achieve that extra level of consistency in my work.Daniel Sentence, Penguinalia Editorial Services
Think you've made a long work consistent throughout? Reach for PerfectIt and find out what's been left... It's a great product.Alison Williamson, Burgess Pre-Publishing
Great proofreading tool for translators and lawyers!Simon M. Jackson, Advocate & Notary
PerfectIt is an essential tool for editors. I use it on almost every project.Harriet Stewart-Jones, Copy-editor and proofreader
PerfectIt is indispensableNorman Baines, iEdit
I use PerfectIt on every paper I edit. It picks up all the hard to see inconsistencies.Jonathan Moore, Econeditor
Why do all the consistency checks that PerfectIt takes care of manually? PerfectIt is essential in every professional editor's toolkit.Margaret Hunter, Daisy Editorial
PerfectIt has saved me countless hours of tedious work.Ruth Strother, Get It Write Editorial Services
PerfectIt is a great tool; I especially like that I can customize it to catch common errors unique to APA or my field. I highly recommend it.University of Nebraska Medical Center
While providing intelligent automation for many mundane proofreading tasks, the developers of PerfectIt understand that final editing requires human discretion.Cynthia Col Indexing & Editing
PerfectIt is an indispensable tool for editors who strive for excellence in their work. Claudia Forgas Editorial Services
PerfectIt was a great asset to us in writing a new employee handbook as well as an operations guide. It allowed us to better concentrate on the content instead of worrying about formatting.Nathan McDaniel, Malco Theatres
PerfectIt makes my life easier by making sure my writing is consistent. Finding things like missing quotation marks is aggravating and time consuming, so I use it every time!Kathryn McNeill Crane, Author
PerfectIt is quick and easy to install and use. It picks up small consistency errors that even the most meticulous proofreader can miss.Freya Martin, Proofreading and Editing around the Planet
PerfectIt is a great aid when checking the consistency of capitalisation, hyphenation and much more. It speeds up the editing process and is very easy to use.Alex Matthews, Alex Proof Edit Write
I've used PerfectIt for three years as the final check on academic papers and theses, and find that it always picks up something I've missed. PerfectIt means peace of mind!John Revington, ABT Edits
PerfectIt makes me a more effective editor.Dick Margulis Creative Services
PerfectIt lifts good work to excellence.Abdul Rahiem Dubelaar, Jabriya Freelance Translations
PerfectIt saves me tons of time in performing the mechanical checks that are the basis of a thorough editing job. Joy Drohan, Eco-Write
PerfectIt is an important, and indispensable, part of my process when editing my writing. It's an invaluable tool that makes it so much easier.Dennis Lowery, Author
PerfectIt helps me achieve correct and consistent translations.Riccardo Schiaffino, Italian Translator
PerfectIt offers a simple and familiar interface combined with powerful features and regular updates. It's perfect!Dr Robert Sykes, Doctored
Using PerfectIt provides a final check for me, catching any errors I might have missed. It is indeed aptly named!Claire Allen, ClaireAllenEdits
Invaluable tool for any editor with a penchant for perfection.Holly Monteith Inc.
Using PerfectIt saves hours and hours of editing, while ensuring that our course catalog is correct and consistent.Ken Koch, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
I couldn't do my job without PerfectIt. This consistency checker is the perfect tool for any editor/translator who cares about delivering top quality work.Ragini Werner, NEEDSer
A quick run-through with PerfectIt is mandatory at the end stage of any proofreading or copy editing work we do. It has helped catch so many small inconsistencies that otherwise might be passed along to the next stage…Firefly Communications Experts
PerfectIt is an absolute must-have application for any translator or editor. It is particularly useful for lengthy texts to ensure consistent spelling. After discovering PerfectIt, I can't do without it.Eline Tuijn, Moon Colt Translations
Excellent tool for checking complex translations.Graham Holdup, Cambridge Conseil
PerfectIt is a powerful tool in my quest for consistency.Sue Browning Editing & Proofreading
PerfectIt is invaluable. It makes my editorial life so much easier; saving me time and my clients fees. I use PerfectIt on every document I work on. Jean O'Sullivan, Red Pen Edits
PerfectIt saves me literally hours of work on complex editing projects where consistency is essential.Patti Ryan, Southside Communications Inc.
PerfectIt makes my work flawlessChrys Chrystello, AICL
PerfectIt is the only editorial tool that I use regularly. It's a fantastic add-in for Word and has helped me iron out inconsistencies on no end of occasions.John Espirian, technical writer
So useful to have thoroughly dependable software. It's constantly improved and updated. The facility to customize makes it a superb tool.Sheila Cameron, Cameron Can Copy Edit
PerfectIt has saved me lots of time and busywork. I love it!Lynn Cross, Wings for Your Words
I love PerfectIt and recommend it to all my editing colleagues and subcontractors. I believe that it saves me at least 20% of my time in editing. Bette Frick, The Text Doctor
PerfectIt's consistency check and style sheets are invaluable for streamlining the editorial workflow and for producing high-quality documents.Martin Spiering, Manuscripts & More
As a freelance editor who works primarily with fiction and creative nonfiction, I find PerfectIt saves me time and helps me to work more efficiently.Nikki Busch Editing
I use PerfectIt in every editing project I work on. I wouldn't do an edit without it.Cassie Armstrong, MorningStar Editing
PerfectIt is indispensable for helping me find errors and make everything consistent.Heidi Mann, Final Touch Proofreading & Editing
An excellent help in all types of editing.AM Lees, Editorial Services
I love PerfectIt! It not only catches all those inconsistencies and errors that I miss but also reassures me that the text I'm delivering to my clients is as perfect as I can get it. It's aptly named. I would hate to be without it. Helen McCrone, Write for Business
Humans benefit from using tools, and PerfectIt is one of the best for copy editing. It presents a skilled editor with a different perspective of the text and speeds editing choices. D L Hughes, Book Publishing Mentor
PerfectIt is very user-friendly and I like the way it helps my copyediting tasks.Michael Metcalfe, Copywriter
I use PerfectIt regularly in my work and it saves me time and ultimately produces a much better document as a result.IIT Research Institute
PerfectIt is by far the most productive tool I've come across in a long while. I do transcription work, and it keeps me very consistent, checking things in my documents that a spell check or a grammar check won't find. It's quick and easy to use -- I highly recommend it!Sheila Elliott, Transcription and Page Design
PerfectIt is an integral part of my quality assurance process, particularly for very long documents and books. It increases the value that I provide my clients. I would definitely not edit without it. Amy Butcher Content
PerfectIt helps me get my manuscripts ready before I send them to my editor, saving time for both of us and ensuring I have done everything I can to present the best novel possible.ID Johnson, Author
PerfectIt is the only program of its kind that I deem worthy of my money. Karen S. Conlin, Editor
PerfectIt is the smart way to proof documents.David Brown, Arete Document Solutions Limited
PerfectIt is an important tool in our quality management system.Ulrich Scheffler, Zappmedia Communications
A wonderful, reliable tool that I use every day to help me deliver a better product to my clients. There's excellent customer support when needed. Al Hidden Copywriter
PerfectIt does a fantastic job of helping me to spot and fix inconsistencies in typography, abbreviations and hyphenation in long or complex documents. It's an invaluable tool.Erik Kowal, Better by the Letter
I love PerfectIt. It's well worth the money. I can't imagine editing without it!Starr Waddell, Quiethouse Editing
PerfectIt helps me provide another layer of quality control to my documents. Brian Dunkin, TasCom Inc.
PerfectIt catches inconsistencies that are often missed in my manual revision process.John Lejderman Translations
I love PerfectIt! It takes some of the heavy lifting out of proofreading work, and gives you confidence that nothing is missed. Most importantly, it saves time!Simon Pegler, SPs and Qs Proofreading
PerfectIt is an exceptional professional tool. I use it daily, and am always pleased by what it can accomplish. Highly recommended!Donlad Woodward, Positively Write Academic Editing
PerfectIt is an essential tool for copy-editors and proof-readers and the best news is that it has improved significantly with each new iteration.Andrew Mulley, Academic Editing
PerfectIt has saved me hours, even days, of editing time on long manuscripts. I will not return an edited manuscript to a client without running PerfectIt on it first. Pat Dobie, Lucid Edit
As an academic copyeditor, I have found PerfectIt to be the best consistency checker and to be particularly useful for book-length projects. I always recommend it to colleagues who aren't already using it.Alison Jacques, Editor
Using PerfectIt is a key element in almost every editing job I do. It pays for itself several times over by increasing my efficiency.Sarah Patey, Le Mot Juste
PerfectIt is as indispensable as a spell-check!David Jones, Rhetorica AB
I love this program. It truly helps keep my edited manuscripts sharp and consistent. Edee M. Fallon, Mad Spark Editing
PerfectIt is an indispensable part of my editing process. The program always catches things I've missed, so I'm grateful there's a product that can make me shine brighter for my clients.Rachel Daven Skinner, Romance Refined
PerfectIt is a marvellous tool for any editor, proofreader or translator!Michael McCann, InfoMarex Translations
PerfectIt has become an integral tool that we use every time we prepare a translation for delivery to the client. It is a huge time saver and help! Sarah Davis, LinguistIt Translations
An excellent tool to detect any inconsistencies that slip through at the proofreading stage and to ensure the document complies with the client's style guidelines. Highly recommended for any translator or editor, especially those who work with style manuals.Timothy Barton, Anglo Premier Translations
We're serious about publishing books that are perfect. PerfectIt, when combined with the experience and mature judgment of our editors, has proven to be indispensable in catching issues that even the best editors can miss.CharityChannel Press
PerfectIt is a very helpful tool!Blue House Communications
PerfectIt improves my writing and editing by making me think more thoroughly about what I write.Dr George Pollard, GrubStreet
PerfectIt allows me to catch those little idiosyncratic mistakes that get glossed over during the course of completing a project. I particularly like the feature that ensures that I'm using acronyms consistently throughout the project.Tashana Sims-Hudspeth, Rightyourway
PerfectIt is fast, accurate, and flexible!Two Geez Co.
Seriously great software to make my job as an editor so much easier! I run the Summary of Possible Errors before I edit, and I use PerfectIt at the end of each edit.Camille DeSalme, An Eye for Editing
PerfectIt is an indispensable tool for a professional editor.Skye Hughes, Edit Service
PerfectIt is invaluable for final passes on a manuscript.Elisabeth Rinaldi, Inky Paw Editing
I use PerfectIt to check every article I plan to publish on Agency Checklists. I always find mistakes no matter how careful I believe I have been. Agency Checklists
PerfectIt is a valuable editing tool, saving me time and giving me peace of mind.Krysia Lear, The Editorial Suite
Whether I'm copy-editing a novel or a long, complex technical report, PerfectIt saves me time on a daily basis. I don't know what I ever did without it!Victoria Bell and Associates
PerfectIt is my belt and braces: it's a perfect insurance policy.Susan Prior, Write-now!
I always use it during the editing process.John Van Stry, Author
Excellent proofing tool.Perry Gretton, Perisys
A very usful component in our ongoing efforts to offer higher quality at least cost to our clients. Victor Murray, Murray Associates
These days I wouldn't consider returning a Word file to a client without first running PerfectIt.Michael Faulkner Editorial Services
PerfectIt is one of the essential tools I use when editing, helping me to save time and ensure consistency across the document.Dr Joely Taylor, Well Writ
Simply the best weapon in my editing arsenal. PerfectIt helps me do the "grunt work" quickly so I can spend my time on the actual editing. It has saved me many, many hours and paid for itself many times over. Louise Bolotin, PlainText
I regard PerfectIt as the most essential tool for all my editing work. It helps me make my work so much more accurate and consistent, and it's worth every cent.Liz Stone, Shepston Editing Services
Wondering if you caught all those inconsistencies in a document? PerfectIt takes the worry out of that final proofread.Patrice Shaw, PS Editing
Having the right tools makes me a better editor. PerfectIt is one of the best tools I have. Wendy Barron Editorial Services
PerfectIt saves you time by checking for consistency issues in written material. Highly recommended for writers, editors and proofreaders.Sally Asnicar, Full Proofreading Services Australia
PerfectIt is an impressive program all authors should use. It saves hours of searching and fixing small errors to allow one to concentrate on the detail.Angelo Mifsud, Potted Tree Books
I love PerfectIt! The program is easy to use and does not conflict with other programs I have running.Dr Julie Conzelmann, Superior Editing Services
PerfectIt is an important addition to our editing toolkit, improving the quality of our fine-detail checks and saving us time.Ron Thiele, Get it Write!
PerfectIt saves me lots of time and makes my work more accurate. It's a valuable tool in my editing arsenal.Janell Robisch, Speculations Editing Services
I'm very impressed that PerfectIt includes Australian spelling and Australian Government Style. They're really useful for working with my Australian client.Joanna Porter, Pimlico Proofreading
I'm a professional editor and have been using PerfectIt for a couple of years to help me find and fix inconsistencies in hyphenation, lists, headings and more. I especially love being able to generate a list of abbreviations in seconds.Robyn Kent, RAK Editing Services
I'm a confident editor, but I never catch all the errors and inconsistencies that PerfectIt spots, especially on big projects. I now make sure that I run PerfectIt as the last stage in any job I submit.Carolyn Page, The Clear English Company
PerfectIt is invaluable in running final consistency checks on manuscripts.The feature that allows you to create customised style guides makes copy editing work so much more efficient. Dr Juliette Lachemeier, The Erudite Pen
I didn't realise how susceptible I was to author-blindness until I tried PerfectIt. It is a fabulous, must-have tool for all writers and editors who fuss about quality and who care about ease-of-reading.Dr Geoffrey Marnell, Melbourne, Australia
I cannot recommend PerfectIt too highly. It throws light on all the blind spots when reading.Isabel Storey, Izabellaz Books
PerfectIt helps me complete an editing job with precision and professionalism, saving me time.Kathryn Buehrig, Make Your Message Clear
PerfectIt is a great tool. It's so nice to press a button at the end of the editing process just to check that no inconsistencies have slipped through the net.Peter Riches, Red Pony Communications
PerfectIt is one of the best editing tools I've found. Quick, easy, and thorough.Karen Burkett, Christian Editing Services
PerfectIt is an essential step in the process of cleaning and polishing our manuscripts before they go to copyediting, saving us time and money. Sydney University Press
PerfectIt saves me so much time when editing. I can focus on improving the language, knowing that the little details will be picked up and easily fixed at the end. It's especially handy for large documents.Dr Kath Kovac, Editor
PerfectIt saves time and improves my accuracy rate. It's a great product that I'd recommend to all copyeditors and proofreaders.Nicole Ayers, Ayers Edits
PerfectIt is easy to use and picks up a number of errors that can be missed. Excellent!David Hardy, Simply Infocation
Perfectit is essential when doing your final edit on your book. I can't do without it. Dee Krull, Author
PerfectIt enables me to deliver a top quality service to my customers.Katrien Blomme, ProofPal
PerfectIt adds quality and uniformity to our translation and editing projects.Moshe Dever, MarsDraw
Great tool for checking consistency!Marike van Rensburg, In a Word
PerfectIt is a lifesaver.Vivek Kumar, Editor
PerfectIt is an essential tool in my work and it makes a significant improvement in my writing. Carole Chrvala, Health Matters
PerfectIt is the answer to better writing for professionals who care about the importance of written discourse.Donovan Hiss, University of the Western Cape
PerfectIt is the most effective tool in my copy-editing kit. While not replacing the human element, it takes out a lot of the drudgery that can lead to oversights.Chris Steel Editorial Services
I can really focus on the text and its meaning knowing that PerfectIt will handle the consistency issues.Child-Lynn, Editor
By grouping errors into over thirty types, and tracking each instance of each error, PerfectIt cuts proofreading time and improves accuracy enormously. I have been using it for almost five years, and I never send out a document before running PerfectIt twice.Surit Das, Freelance Editor
I highly recommend PerfectIt to other editors and proofreaders. It is an invaluable and easy to use tool, and I use it for all my editing and proofreading projects. Mary McCauley Proofreading
I've found PerfectIt a great piece of specialist software for use in my editing and proofreading work.Sarah Carr, Carr Consultancy
Neither human nor software can be perfect in editing or proofreading. But when the two join forces on a manuscript, they can endeavour to PerfectIt.Vanessa Wells, Wells Read Editing
PerfectIt is a fantastic tool. It gives you peace of mind about the details and lets you free up brainpower for more complex editorial decisions. Robin Marwick, Editor and Writer
PerfectIt is invaluable for the finishing touches to my translations.Eric Alsruhe, Translator
It's a perfect way to perfect your writing skills.Lymph-What-Oedema Support Group
A marvelous tool!Mary Ellen Schutz, Gentle Editing LLC
PerfectIt is brilliant! And it's easy to use. Paula Szocik, ExpertEditor
PerfectIt is a lifesaver, especially when I'm dealing with acronyms.Brian D. Buckley, Editor
PerfectIt is a fantastic tool for catching inconsistencies. Having used it for a few years, I can't now imagine submitting a job without running PerfectIt on it first.Lydia Wanstall Copy-editing and Proofreading
PerfectIt is the best tool for editing on screen that I know; I'm not sure how I managed before!Helen Birkbeck Language & Editorial Services
PerfectIt is the best way to check documents for consistency.James Foucar, Boarding Concern
A great program that I recommend to all our students.University of Vigo, School of Nursing
A great tool! It usually finds things in long texts that even professional editors can miss.Andrew Draper, Nordic International
I've been using PerfectIt for several years. As an editor, I find it an excellent way to run a final polish on documents. Invariably, PerfectIt finds something I've missed!Diane Finkle, Wordsmith Writing and Editing Services
PerfectIt keeps my fictional world consistent. Non-English-language transliterations for names and places used to send me back and forth to my style guide, then to find and replace. PerfectIt saves me hours of hassle over the course of a 100,000-word manuscript.Jenni Wiltz, Author
PerfectIt is an invaluable tool for any professional editor working in this digital age.Michael Audas, Devil in the Details
I used PerfectIt on a 100-page document. I was impressed, and my client was amazed. We had both checked the document, but the program still found and fixed many inconsistencies and errors. Once you start using it, you can't believe you ever worked without it.Stephen Johnston, Scribe Solutions
PerfectIt is incredible! I use it for cleaning up government proposals, and I can't tell you how much time I've saved with your add-in! It's truly worth every cent. Raymond Thibodeaux, Proposal writer, AOC Key Solutions
I find that PerfectIt gives my editing that extra level of quality as well as saving me time. It's just what editors and proofreaders need to give their work that extra quality.Blair Charles, English Writing Associates
Essential for long documents and articles.Sean Hall, author and lecturer, University of London
The next best thing after a skilled copy editor.Dr. Amrit Tiwana, College of Business, Iowa State University
I am very impressed with PerfectIt! Not only with its ease of use, but also with its speed and accuracy for checking even long documents.Sue Huckle, Technical Writer
I’ve been using PerfectIt for some years and love it as it nearly always finds a few things I’ve missed – an excellent product and very easy to use. The latest version is a real improvement too.Sophie Richmond, Editor
I've been using PerfectIt for a year and find it invaluable and time-saving. It spots things I might have missed, and it's a very useful aid.Sara Bryant, Editor
PerfectIt is brilliant. I run it before I start working on a manuscript, while I’m in the crux of it and last thing. It has sped up the editing process immensely.Laurie Duboucheix-Saunders, LDS Editorial Services
PerfectIt helps you enforce editing rules quickly and effectively.Ron Thiele, Get it Write!