American Legal Style for PerfectIt

American Legal Style is a new style sheet for PerfectIt. It is designed specifically for legal writers and editors to improve the process of editing and proofreading legal documents. This new style sheet:

  • enforces language and usage guidance from the legal writing experts;
  • catches consistency errors that arise from collaborative efforts or the use of form documents; and
  • searches for common errors that may arise from autocorrect, spellcheck or dictation or talk-to-text tools.

Better Checking for Legal Documents

We’ve pored over the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation; The Red Book: A Manual On Legal Style by Bryan Garner; The Elements of Style by Strunk & White; and Black’s Law Dictionary, among others. After numerous page-by-page reviews of each source, we selected the most common errors and tricky or hard-to-remember rules to build into American Legal Style, such as italics, hyphenation and capitalization. We also used real world law practice experience–and legal documents–to anticipate mistakes and recommend intelligent corrections.

By using American Legal Style, lawyers, writers and editors can work more effectively and efficiently on legal documents, improve written work product and enhance productivity. These benefits help lawyers meet client deadlines and billing expectations, while freeing them up to focus on more substantive and challenging matters.

How to Select American Legal Style

To use American Legal Style, simply select it from PerfectIt's list of styles. Then press the 'Start' button to begin.

SelectALSFigure 1: Select American Legal Style in PerfectIt

How to Get American Legal Style for PerfectIt

American Legal Style is built directly into PerfectIt. Buy now or start the free trial.