PerfectIt Pro

Exciting New Features!

PerfectIt 3 delivers better documents than ever before. Improvements include:

  • Check US, UK, Canadian and Australian spelling preferences
  • Option to include footnotes and endnotes
  • Built-in checking for United Nations, European Union and World Health Organization styles.

PerfectIt 3 checks for more errors, including:

  • Brackets and quotes left open
  • Oxford commas (either included or not)
  • Consistency of foreign characters and italics.

PerfectIt 3 saves more time with options to:

  • Skip errors in quotes
  • Fine-tune the sensitivity of PerfectIt’s checks
  • Check en dashes and non-breaking spaces.

PerfectIt 3 can check your house style. Now you can:

  • Set preferences for heading case, percentages and ordinals
  • Use wildcards to check for any search and replace combination
  • Test subscripts and superscripts.

Questions About PerfectIt 3

What will happen to my PerfectIt style sheets?

PerfectIt 3 will automatically read all of your current style sheets into the new version. You'll find them in the new version as soon as you install it. If you ever decide to go back to PerfectIt 2, the old files will not be affected.

Can I run PerfectIt 2 and PerfectIt 3?

No. PerfectIt 3 will automatically uninstall PerfectIt 2. PerfectIt 3 is a much better product. However, if for any reason you want to switch back to PerfectIt 2, you can uninstall PerfectIt 3 and get PerfectIt 2 from our website again. Your computer will remember your old version, and you won’t have to enter your registration information again.

Where is the complete list of all new features?

All of the improvements in PerfectIt 3 are listed here.

Guaranteed Results

PerfectIt Pro 3 saves time and money. There are discounts for past purchasers and multiple license sales. Moreover, your purchase is assured with:

  • No hassle 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Secure online payment processing.