PerfectIt Pro

Build Your Brand

Style guides ensure consistency and help to build your brand. Whether you work for a small company or a multi-national organization, PerfectIt can be used to help enforce your house style. You can use PerfectIt to check house style across an entire organization. Or, if you have multiple clients, you can set PerfectIt to use a different style for each client.

Check Style Guides Automatically

PerfectIt is customizable, so instead of manually looking through style guides for each decision, you can configure PerfectIt to check every rule in a matter of seconds. It's also easy to share PerfectIt style sheets among colleagues, giving you the confidence that all documents across your company will reflect your brand, style and guidelines.

Free Style Sheets Built Into PerfectIt

A number of style guides have already been converted to PerfectIt's style sheet format, including European Union, United Nations and WHO style, as well as styles for UK, US, Canadian and Australian spelling. Just select them from the ribbon in PerfectIt. You can also use them as the starting point for your own customization.

Bespoke Style Sheets

Anyone can build a PerfectIt style sheet to check their house style. It's free, and instructions are available from our user guides. However, for the fastest and most comprehensive way to convert your house style to PerfectIt's format, we offer custom preparation for enterprise-level customers. Contact us for a quote.

Got Questions?

We're here to help. Remember that PerfectIt does not require any kind of configuration or customization. Customizing PerfectIt is an advanced option. Registered users who want to take advantage of these capabilities can rely on telephone and email support to help them get the most out of PerfectIt. However, all users can check with PerfectIt to find mistakes in MS Word documents, and none of these customization steps are necessary to get started.