Revision History

Version 3.2.7 (26 August 2017)

  • Improved reference accuracy
  • Label "Pro" removed from title pane
  • Improved preferred spelling accuracy
  • Bugfix for abbreviations used only once
  • Bugfix for brackets left open
  • Thousand separators work with ranges
  • Improved exception matching
  • Minor bugfixes for abbreviations and hyphenation
  • ADX update

Version 3.2.6 (28 May 2017)

  • Clear document properties
  • Added religious texts to skipped terms in number checking
  • Improved custom checking around numbers
  • Revised order of additional tasks
  • Skip paragraph indentation for two spaces to one
  • ADX component update
  • Fix for thousand separators in style points
  • Minor additions for spelling variations
  • Fix for italics test immediately after registration

Version 3.2.5 (28 February 2017)

  • Fixes for test of spelling variations
  • Fixes for wildcards test
  • ADX component update
  • Improved style sheet editor validation
  • Improved test of undefined abbreviations
  • Improvements for compound hyphenation
  • Bugfix for preferred spelling
  • Bugfix for test of Oxford commas
  • Bugfix for correction of ordinals
  • Minor bugfixes for spelling variations

Version 3.2.4 (08 December 2016)

  • Fix for abbreviations with two definitions
  • Fix for highlight in test of editorial comments
  • Fix for finding non-breaking spaces in numbers

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